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Organic Takeaway Salad (Vegan-Friendly) @ Sheung Wan HK-SUPAFOOD Food Review

Saw this salad place from delivery website so I thought I needed to give it a try being such a salad addict…  lol  I went for takeout on a Saturday after yoga in the Sheung Wan area and they accept order until 8:30 everyday but you can pick up at 9pm the latest.

Before I went I made sure they have vegan options though only one, so I almost already knew what to order before I went. The store is pretty small and the open kitchen/bar takes up most the space so it’s perfect for takeouts. However it’s still very eye-catching with the red color store front.

Their open kitchen bar looks very bright and clean and everything except for the snacks are made upon order so it’s very assuring. I didn’t realize until I already ate the salad later that their ingredients are all organic, which is actually very important especially for eating all vegetables raw LOL. Besides, I took a look at their other ingredients for the smoothie even though I didn’t order one. The almond butter, china seeds and protein powder they use are actually all of very good quality, compared to the ones used in other stores (I wouldn’t mention the name hehe). Definitely getting some smoothie my next trip here.


What I need to mention is that the prices on their menu in store have a significant difference from the prices offered on other delivery channels. The big salads here are mostly under 100HKD but the ones on delivery websites are around 120HKD. I don’t know if this is the intention of Supafood the store or delivery sites but I’m not happy with that.  sad

Now onto the food. I had to order the big salad box since it’s only 10 dollar difference but the big one will definitely satiate my salad cravings! The only vegetarian option from the salad menu is the ROASTED AUSSIE MISO EGGPLANT SALAD WITH ROCKET and I went for that. Since I don’t eat onion I asked to skip the chickpea red onion mixture. The staff was nice enough to offer and ask if I wanted other 3 mixtures they have instead but they all have onions premixed so I just got more greens. But the premade salad mixes including chickpea, quinoa, cous cous and lentils all look very fresh! Don’t skip the real superfood here like me LOL~

It took a while for my takeout since I guess they only roast the eggplant upon order but the eggplant tasted really really yummy! It’s very flavorful without excess oil when roasting and has a sweet taste to it, making it a very satisfying meal. But without the added chickpea mix I would have to say the rocket leaves tastes quite bland, especially concorning the super small portion of the balsamic dressing…. The dressing itself tastes very good btw! It’s just too small for the big salad box. Maybe they should consider giving two small tubs of dressing for the big salad… Shout out if you have the same feeling! mad BTW the portion is pretty generous with beetroot cubes, avocado and chia seeds added.

I also order their SUPABALL as a dessert. They sold out on the chocolate one the day I visited so I went for the carrot ginger one. I was expecting something similar to the taste of a real carrot cake but NOPE….The taste is neither moist nor chewy, I understand it’s all good ingredients but the cashew pieces are kind of too big for the small size of the ball so to me the ingredients are not well mixed to make a smooth tasting snack ball. The cinnamon taste is not outstanding either… so I didn’t even finish the tiny ball and definitely won’t be ordering it again.  dislike  But I do hope you guys do something about it though. tongue  BTW the supaball is cheaper in store compared to the price online as well.

My ratings:
Flavor – ★★★☆
Environment – ★★★★ (Fantastic music and positive vibe in store!)
Price – ★★★ (The big salad is a good bargain but someone PLEASE FIX THE OVERCHARGED PRICED ON DELIVERY and the small dressing portion!)
Location – ★★★★ 
Vegan/vegetarian options: ★★☆
Overall – ★★★ 
Recommendation: Roasted Miso Eggplant Salad-Vegan
Side note: they accept credit cards as well.



Address: G/F, 1 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2812 6088;

Did you also visit? How did you like it? Leave a comment and share your thoughts ❤

Be healthy. Be beautiful! XOXO~

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